Healthy Relationships With Streaming – hosted by BroadcastHER Dream Team

1,000 Dreams Fund (1DF), a non-profit organization focused on supporting the dreams of young women through grants and advice, is partnering together with their BroadcastHER Dream Team, to curate a special three part round table all about ensuring you have a healthy relationship with streaming. 

This three part round table will provide insight from seasoned streamers on the following:

  • 1PM EST – 2:15PM EST: Balancing IRL and Streaming – Unique viewpoints from broadcasters from all walks of life: mothers, students, full-time employees, volunteers, and more.
  • 2:15PM EST – 3:30PM EST: Overcoming Internal Obstacles – How do we overcome being our own worst enemy when it comes to streaming? How do we challenge ourselves to move past impostor syndrome, burnout, and lack of motivation and why do we experience these things?

3:30PM EST – 4:45PM EST: Cultivating Communities – How do we create a community that is kind, positive, inclusive all while keeping the members safe?

Women in Games: Games Jam

Wed 8th Sep @ 00:00

Our one-week jam in collaboration with Into Games features live-streamed industry professionals offering support. Our theme is Atmospheres in support of Safe Circles.

Women in Games: Esports

Sat 11th Sep @ 12:00 and 1 other date(s)

Women in Games will be supporting 8 teams in an invitational event to showcase some of the leading all women teams in Europe. Women play competitive games and we add our support to the development of additional women’s competitions to gain new skills and experience as a stepping stone for those that desire to compete in open events.

Women in Games: Conference

Wed 15th Sep @ 08:00 and 1 other date(s)

Over two days and designed to welcome visitors from around the world across time zones, the conference focuses on Policy, Industry, Education and Community.

Women in Games: Awards

Sat 18th Sep @ 19:00

This year’s awards, on the 18th September are bigger and better than ever - expanded to include 13 new awards across esports and gaming worlds.